2008 consultant for HMS-Maritim Hotels worldwide.

  • developing a guideline manual to plan and implement Maritim Hotels worldwide.
  • consulting services for planning and construction of the Uptown Maritim Hotel in Beijing (China)
  • consulting renovation and extension planning for the Jolly Ville Martim Hotel resort in Luxor, Egypt

2008 consultant for Amplio Hotel Management Emlak A.Ş.,Turkey for Hilton Hotels in Turkey.

2007 development Aid in Ethiopia

  • director planning and design of a 15 university building and capacity building program for GTZ international.


1990 - 2002 exclusive consulting services for LTI Hotelinvestitions- und Beteiligungs GmbH. Dusseldorf, subsidiary of LTU charter company and Kempinski AG and Kempinski S.A.


LTI Hotelinvestitions- und Beteiligungs GmbH


  • consulting and project management for a resort hotel in Kenya

  • project management for a resort hotel in the Dominican Republic

  • analysis and expert’s opinions to different resort hotels

  • expert’s investigations of value, constructive or maintenance conditions


  • LTI Kaskazi Beach Hotel (198 rooms)

  • LTI Punta Cana Resort Hotel (450 rooms)

  • LTI Parkhotel Eurodisney (400 rooms)

  • planning, tendering of guest rooms refurbishment Chiripa Garden Hotel, Tenerife

1990-1993 Kempinski AG and Kempinski S.A. as consultant


  • project management and partially project planning services


  • new hotels at Munich Airport, Budapest and Moscow

  • investigations and preliminary planning for a refurbishment and facility organization: Ritz Carlton Montreal

  • preliminary planning, site and project analyses for different projects world wide.
  • elaboration of a “Manual of planning and constructing Kempinski hotels world wide”

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